Problem Reports:

# Synopsis Date Category
19352 Bug in postcondition of `same_string' in READABLE_STRING_{8,32} 2017/04/26 EiffelBase
19350 Assigning a tuple attribute with value of correctly conforming type results in a catcall error 2017/04/18 Compiler
19349 Email notification on bug reports 2017/04/15
19345 Maintenance request: Curl library C header file is very out of date 2017/04/06 Other
19339 Execution Parameters are wiped out after restarting EiffelStudio 2017/03/10 EiffelStudio
19331 [er] Wrong clickable version of features in documentation generated file class_list.html 2017/02/21 Documentation
19327 [er] Wrong class locations in goto.html 2017/02/09 Documentation
19325 Built-in features in WEL_IDENTIFIED 2017/02/07 WEL
19324 ARRAYED_CIRCULAR implementation of `do_all' is an infinite loop 2017/02/05 EiffelBase
19320 GTK implementation does not automatically resize dialog if a widget in a container is replaced with 2017/01/29 EiffelVision
19319 untitled dialogs failing to size itself correctly to accommodate box container item 2017/01/29 EiffelVision
19315 EiffelProcess ECF concurrency capability to "none" 2017/01/19 Other
19312 Value returned by {FILE_INFO}.date depends on automatic day light saving system setting 2017/01/16 EiffelBase
19306 Need feedback on ideas for using read-only and immutable strings 2016/12/08 EiffelBase
19304 [RJ] How do you turn on assertions? 2016/12/02 EiffelStudio
19303 [er] Multiple inherit clauses 2016/11/28 Compiler
19298 [er] Non-conforming inheritance and incremental compilation 2016/11/19 Compiler
19297 [er] Non-conforming inheritance and VMCS 2016/11/19 Compiler
19296 Incorrect report of code analysis rule CA022 violation 2016/11/18 EiffelStudio
19295 Incorrect report of code analysis rule CA020 violation 2016/11/18 EiffelStudio
19294 Incorrect report of code analysis rule CA031 violation 2016/11/18 EiffelStudio
19293 [er] Non-conforming inheritance: VMRC-1 2016/11/17 Compiler
19292 How to remove an auto test? 2016/11/16 EiffelStudio
19290 trying to run AutoTest always crashes EiffelStudio 2016/11/13 EiffelStudio
19287 Every compiled failed with bad error message after upgrading from 14.05 2016/11/09 EiffelStudio
19285 Syntax updater does not update procedure with TUPLE [like Current] 2016/11/03 Compiler
19274 Tuple-type-unfolded form with nested TUPLEs 2016/09/24 Compiler
19273 Flat view of Tuple-type-unfolded actual generic parameters 2016/09/24 EiffelStudio
19272 [er] EiffelStudio using a lot of GDI objects 2016/09/22 EiffelStudio
19271 Parenthesis_expression, Tuple-argument-unfolded and Tuple-type-unfolded in flat view 2016/09/20 EiffelStudio